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Stephanie Brown Inc. Wins Award of Merit at the 2013 IDIBC Awards

GRAY Magazine

Congratulations to our friend Stephanie Brown for her beautiful feature in GRAY Magazine. Stephanie has been working on some truly stunning projects over the past year. Her vision and direction are truly impeccable.  This particular townhouse won the 2013 IDIBC Award of Merit for a Residential Project. Her unique interpretation of the ‘West Coast’ approach was noted by the jury.    

Congratulations Chris Collacott


Congratulations to Chris Collacott for placing in the top 50 of the 2013 EPSON International Photographic Panorama Awards. One of Collacott’s’ winning pieces, Electric Vancouver, is available for purchase in Framagraphic’s showroom. Collacott’s panoramic work has come a long way from his early beginnings- which involved working with 35 mm film stitched together by scotch tape. Now, through careful planning, forecasting, location-scouting, and with some of the best digital equipment available, Collacott has developed a formula for capturing stunning and sophisticated images. Not everything can be planned though, and like a true photographer, Collacott must be flexible- open to the unexpected, and accepting when Mother Nature decides she’s not yet ready for her close-up. Vancity Buzz has recently featured Chris in an interview where you can learn more about his inspiration, his process, and some of the best spots he’s found. Congratulations Chris!

Asleep in Your Branches: Photography by Tristan Casey for Capture Photo Fest

Tristan Casey

Photography by Tristan Casey Asleep in Your Branches October 11th – November 2nd Positive Negative Gallery, 436 Columbia Street     Asleep in Your Branches  opens October 11th at Positive Negative Gallery as part of Capture’s city-wide celebration of lens based art. Casey’s career has traversed both artistic and commercial photography, with a keen eye for the photogenic. Despite being fluent in the realm of digital photography, Casey is adamant about the virtues of analog film. Casey states in one of his journal entries, “film’s greatest strength is also it’s weakness.” He argues there is something incomplete about an image that is produced when light is exposed to a reactive film,  which is what high definition and 3D imaging appears to have been designed to remedy- though without clearly exploring whether it is indeed a problem that needs fixing. What lacks in film photographs is what entices the mind and […]

Barbara Parkin at Framagraphic August 20 – September 10

This Quiet Walk, Barbara Parkin

Barbara Parkin August 20th – September 10th Framagraphic is pleased to present the work of Vancouver-based artist Barbara Parkin from August 20 – September 10th. Parkin is an established painter, who has been active with the Federation of Canadian Artists for many years. Her paintings depict, but also develop out of, a strong relationship with nature. Earthy hues and tones are built up, likes the soil, through layers of paint on each of her canvases. The paintings themselves depict trees and flowers just as often as they depict less recognizable subjects- puddles of water, or reflections of light. Parkin’s brushwork is loose and active, well suited to represent the loose soil and constantly shivering leaves and pedals she paints. It’s as though the wind continues to pass through them, in between the bark of the trees. About the Artist: In 1990 Parkin finished a Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing […]

Short Stories Photography Exhibition

Short Stories Exhibition

  Framagraphic is pleased to offer discounted custom framing services for photographers interested in submitting work to Vernissage’s Short Stories photography exhibition. The call is free of charge, and open to all Lower Mainland photographers. This juried group exhibition will examine contemporary story telling through a series of images exploring personal, familial, cultural and/or universal imagery. The jury is looking for a cohesive series; perhaps an excerpt from a larger body of work.  Photography is often associated with documentary- the photograph being a record of something that was, or something that happened. It is also often associated with truth- with dutifully recording what appeared before the lens. Where story comes in to a photograph is not as easy to identify. The lens snaps shut in an instant. Movement is frozen, mouths are caught open, and time, which is essential to story telling, is eclipsed.   This challenge posed by Short […]

Russell Leng: Geometric Landscapes

Russell Leng framed in white Floater Frame

We recently had the opportunity to frame a painting by Vancouver-based artist, Russell Leng, for one of our clients. The client framed a canvas of Leng’s original work (pictured above), which is characteristic of his interest in the relationship between organic marks and geometric forms. The tension between the seemingly hard edges of specific forms, and the looseness of brushstrokes creates a truly dynamic painting. Leng notes this phenomenon in nature as well, “a tree breaking through a concrete sidewalk, or a housing development by a river. I want to examine these relationships between natural and built landscapes, conjuring a new sense of place. By confronting the viewer’s perception of landscape, I aim to question how these unceasing amalgamations change how we identify with our environments, and perceive ourselves within them.” The float frame is a similar mix of shape. The overall squareness of both the frame and the corners is contradicted […]

Framing for Global Photography Competition Fotofilmic

Untitled, by Dareos Khalili.

  Framagraphic is thrilled to announce we will be the official framing sponsor for the global photography competition, Fotofilmic. The worldwide call for submissions resulted in a selection of some of the best contemporary analog photography. From there, the jurors painstakingly carved out a shortlist of 30 finalists. The results of the competition will be shown in an exhibition at Positive Negative gallery August 1st, Framagraphic framing the photographs for the event. The competition was founded by VNB, the project of Virginie Lamarche and Bastien Desfriches Doria- two of Vancouver’s most ardent supporters of analog photography.  Despite having only recently settled in Vancouver, the pair have managed to develop what is soon to become the backbone of analog photography in the city. With workshops, private tutorials, and a community eco-darkroom in the mix, VNB hopes to draw celluloid back into the attention of fine art practice. Fotofilmic’s curatorial method was twofold, in the hopes […]

Framing Marc Chagall

The Poet Reclining 1915 by Marc Chagall 1887-1985

[Chagall: Modern Master is at Tate Liverpool until 6 October 2013 ]   We have been working on framing a number of Marc Chagall prints owned by a Vancouver collector, and thought this would be a good time to speak a bit about his work. Particularly, since Tate Liverpool’s Chagall: Modern Master exhibition will focus on the artist’s time in Paris before the First World War, his visit to Berlin and his exhibition there in 1914, and the years he spent in his native Russia around the time of the Revolution in 1917. At the moment, we are framing two prints by the artist. Because the prints had not been framed archivally, using acid-free materials, they had suffered quite severe ‘matte-burns‘. Vancouver conservationist Rebecca Pavitt managed to do an incredible job restoring the pieces, with one of the prints pictured below.     Marc Chagall Russian-born painter, lithographer, etcher and designer. […]

Kitsilano Secondary School Student Exhibition May 9 – 23rd

Kits Secondary Exhib 007w

Framagraphic is pleased to present the work of three talented Kitsilano Secondary students in our gallery. These young artists were given the challenge to take a piece of artwork from Framagraphic’s collection, and incorporate it into their own way of art-making. The original artworks by Joanne Issac, Coar, and Brian Mason, were the starting points. The students invested both their time and their newly developing skills into the project. From drawing on top of the originals, to cutting and collaging the artwork, each student has taken a different approach as to how to how to use what other artists have left behind. Julie (Based on Untitled (Jar), by Coar) When I was younger I went to the UBC Museum of Anthropology and saw something that completely shocked me. A group of Tibetan monks were working on a beautiful mandala with soft, colourful sands. Once it was finished, the fragile art […]

Framagraphic presents Place des Arts artist: Nino Dobrosavljevic

Vermeer Master of Light, oil on canvas by Nino Dobrosavljevic

  Framagraphic is pleased to present the artwork of Nino Dobrosavljevic, which will be on display in our gallery until June 1st. Nino Dobrosavljevic is a self-taught painter whose skills have been developed by a passionate study and observation of the old artists. In the nineties, Dobrosavljevic moved from Croatia to Germany, where he exhibited widely. In 1996, he immigrated to Vancouver, Canada where he continues to paint. Dobrosavljevic opens windows to the past by making contact with painters that have come before him. He represents their work in front of us, often quite literally- by creating an arrangement of contemporary objects, photos, or books, which foreground historical tropes. In this way, his small tableaus put Pierre Bonnard into view with Vermeer, or Kandinsky into a Dutch Renaissance still life. The illusionism of the paintings, the “tromp l’oeil”, or trick of the eye, is one that tests the painterly techniques […]

Ballet BC’s World Premiere: Giselle


Framagraphic is proud to be a donor for Ballet BC’s Silent Auction Gala at the world premiere of Giselle by Resident Choreographer José Navas. Giselle will run April 25 – 27 at 8 pm at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. The performance, from the choreography to the all-Canadian production design, works out a contemporary take on a legendary classic. Witnessing the story of love and loss, Janet Smith of the Georgia Straight comments, “they are creatures from the second act’s vision of the afterlife, and it looks like the world’s most graceful mosh pit until they all pull back into synchronization again.” Tickets for the performances are still available online at Ticketmaster. Framagraphic will be donating an original painting Peaceful Valley by Marie-Claude Boucher for the Gala.     Marie-Claude Boucher was born in Charny, Quebec in 1973. Her interest in art began with drawing with her twin sister at an early age, and painting has since […]

Acid Matte Burn and Rebecca Pavitt

Acid mat burn

“The horrors which can lurk behind a picture’s seemingly innocent window mat” – Rebecca Pavitt A customer came in the other day with a number of limited edition prints and original artworks that have suffered damage from the materials that were used to frame them. The prints have an outline of a brown line- appearing as though someone has spilled coffee on the edge of the paper, and allowed it to make a ring around the opening of the mat. This is what is referred to as ‘acid-burn‘. The acid-free materials that are most commonly used today were not always available. It is only the last few decades that acid-free paper has been widely available or marketed to framers and artists. The prints the customer brought in were framed sometime around 1979, and each print has varying degrees of acid-burn. Some are discoloured more than others, which may be a […]

Object Framing: Leica Camera

Object Framing Leica Camera

Dad A few weekends ago, a large and bubbly family came into the store with a vintage Leica camera- one of their late grandfather’s favourite possessions.  They had spent some time scouring their own belongings, and were able to find a photograph of their Grandfather holding the Leica, along with the well-used camera strap. They wanted to put together a frame for these mementos as a gift for their Mother’s birthday. For her, this man was Dad. The challenge was that the camera itself was much deeper than most of the frames. To build something that deep, we would have to layer a number of frames on top of one another – stacking them to make them deeper. Luckily, Larson-Juhl has a moulding that is designed specifically for stacking. It is essentially a three-part frame that ends up being approximately 5 inches deep. The frame had a curved profile, giving […]

The Sister’s Story

The Sister's Story

  Framagraphic has had the pleasure of framing a number of Yellowknife based artist Germaine Arnaktauyok ‘s work from the Inuit Gallery. Three prints from this edition have passed through the store, each framed in a very unique and different style. From a light maple frame to this wonderfully textured Roma Savoir frame, there is a wide variety of options when it comes to framing this piece. “In this print The Sisters’ Story, Germaine revisits the Inuit legend of how Thunder and Lightning were created. While she has explored the story earlier in her career, this etching shows Germaine’s wonderful graphic skills and her eye for detail that make her the foremost visual storyteller of the Far North. The artist has also hand-coloured each of the individual print editions creating a striking and captivating image.  The artwork tells the Inuit legend of two young orphaned sisters who were adopted by […]

Remembering Kenojuak Ashevak


Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak has passed at the age of 85. A reserved woman with a powerful spirit, Kenojuak Ashevak made a lifelong contribution to the arts, with a vision that was uniquely her own. She has been a mentor to many, and her legacy will live on in those she has inspired. Some of her work will be shown in Creation and Transformation: Defining Moments in Inuit Art which will be opening soon in Winnipeg. More on Kenojuak Ashevak can be found at the Globe and Mail.  

Portraits of the Treaty Empire Down to the Last Prints


The last of our Andy Everson prints are flying (or jetting) off the walls. This latest series included six iconic characters, each extracted from the Star Wars series, and tattooed with Haida patterns. Incredibly eye-catching, these deeply saturated prints are available both framed and unframed. The limited series can only be found at Hill’s Native Art and Framagraphic Picture Framing. Control, the Storm Trooper, has already sold out. Wisdom, Fear, Power, Money and Language are still available, though there are only a handful of prints left from the edition of 120.   ABOUT THE ARTIST “Andy Everson was born in Comox, BC in 1972 and named Na̱gedzi after his grandfather, the late Chief Andy Frank of the K’ómoks First Nation. Andy has pursued avenues where he can sing traditional songs and perform ceremonial dances at potlatches and in a number of different dance groups, most notably the Le-La-La Dancers, the […]

Turkish Camel Bags


Our latest framing task was this pair of  Turkish camel bags. This wool piece was brought back to Vancouver from travels abroad, and had been mounted unframed on a wall for a number of years. Our customer wanted to frame the piece to give it more of a presence on the wall. To create the appearance of a linen liner, Keith stretched fabric over a board of MDF. The bags were then secured onto the board by drilling in through the back. Using the MDF had the added benefit of opening up the selection of frames that could be used for this piece. At 66″ x 38″, this large piece had quite a bit of weight. Without the board, the customer would have had to pick a much thicker and stronger style of frame just to be able to support the weight. Because this was no longer a concern, the […]

Needlework Framing


  Painting strokes to stitching threads…   Needlework is a labour-intensive and extremely skillful craft. It takes an meticulously patient and careful artisan to work with this medium, but those who do find it extremely rewarding. Because needlework is often very delicate, framing this type of art can be difficult. Typically the fabric will be stretched over a board, so that the image or the stitching will be taught. This helps to eliminate wrinkles and sagging. The stretching needs to be done very carefully however, so that final piece is not skewed in any way. Framagraphic Picture Framing and Print Gallery offers a variety of framing options for needlework. Whether stitched on mesh, or on cloth, from fine petit-point to cross-stitch, our framers are able to tackle even the most complicated pieces. One of our most recent customers brought in an embroidered piece of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss. It is […]

Gift Certificates

Website 004

Framagraphic is pleased to offer gift certificates for the holiday season. Any amount can be put towards a gift certificate,  which is valid for either custom framing, decor pieces, or artwork. Gift certificates do not expire.   This gift is a great way to give a loved one the chance to frame something they cherish. A much more common gift these days involves doing things together, as opposed to  wrapping a large volume of ‘stuff’. People are gifting plane tickets – where families and friends can travel somewhere together, or going for dinner, attending a concert… the focus is more on spending quality time together. The pictures and mementos from these occasions make lovely items to frame. To ‘wrap’ your gift certificate, we have a selection of gift cards made by local artists. Ellen Scobie and Eri Ishii are two of the talented individuals who have crafted cards in the […]

Holiday Craft: Picture Ornaments


Family photos, while dearly loved, often find themselves hidden in envelopes, or tucked away in drawers. One way to showcase these loose pictures is to bring them into Framagraphic to have them drymounted on foam board. This will give them a strong backing, but one that is soft enough to pierce through with a needle or pin. A ribbon can then be pulled through the holes, and knotted at either end. For a matted ornament, we could make a boarder around the picture. Almost a miniature frame, the mat would protect the picture slightly more, and you would not need to pierce a hole directly though the picture. This easy DIY ornament can be placed upon a branch, over a mantle, or even on a key holder.     After the holidays, when the ornaments come down, they don’t need to go back in the box. Take in your crafts, […]