Gone Fishin’: Object Framing and Shadow Boxes

Gone Fishin'

This shadow box pairs a vintage photograph of Grandpa holding a trophy fish, paired with an old bait-shaped fishing hook. The frame is a deep wood frame with a small line of red trimming the outside edges.  The top mat is a tweed finish, with a bottom charcoal mat. The fishing hook is inset into the frame, with a suede-textured olive-coloured mat underneath. The space where the hook is mounted is further framed by the wood fillet (one way to create the appearance of a frame within a frame). The photo of Grandpa with his prized fish is set inside a decorative opening.

When making a shadow box frame like this it is important to consider the depth of the frame when making your choice. The frame must be deep enough to accommodate the glass, the backing, the matting and the object itself. In this case, all of that adds up to about an inch-and-a-half so this frame works just fine.

The glass you choose is also important. We have some new ultra-clear glass that is almost invisible. This kind of clarity really adds to the finished detail of something like this. UV protection also helps to reduce fading and prolong the life of the photos or artwork behind the glass.

This design has an antique picture frame look, but one that is fresh and new.

Gone Fishin’