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Giclee Printing Aluminum Panel

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Back Side of Aluminum Panel and Facemount

Framagraphic offers a number of digital printing services for your photos. We can print your images on paper or canvas and also mount photos on aluminum panels. For a really juicy look we have a process called face-mounting . With this method your image is printed on paper –regular or metallic- and then mounted on an aluminum panel which then gets a layer of acrylic plexi-glass added on top for a juicy high-gloss look.
Superior to many home-printers, our giclée printing uses archival fade-resistant inks, and archival papers and canvas. We are happy to help you choose not only the best size for your photos, but the best method of printing for your digital art files.


What is “Giclée Printing”?

Giclee printing is the modern term used to describe fine art digital ink jet prints. Printers have come a long way since ink jet printers were first introduced so manufacturers wanted a way to differentiate their new technology from the earlier products. They also want to separate themselves from cheaper ink jet printers from big box stores which don’t always deliver what they promise. Home printers don’t often get regular tune ups and calibrations for colour accuracy they way our printers do.
The term “Giclee” comes from the French verb “gicler”, which means “to squirt” or “to spray” -as in “ink jet”. The final image has all the hues and tonalities of the original painting or photograph which means the giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction. Giclee printers use pigment based, archival quality inks that are long lasting and fade resistant.

Giclee Printing on Canvas

Printing Giclee on Canvas

What size should my image files be?

From our experience dealing with printing customers’ images, it is best to say the bigger the file the better.
If you are printing photos taken with a cell phone it is best to export or email to us the biggest file that your phone will allow. We have printed cell phone panorama photos at 3-feet –or about a metre- wide on paper and canvas. They look great at that size. As cell phone cameras improve the images they take will get bigger.

We can open your images on our computer and let you know if the image files are big enough to give you the printed size you need. So send them in and ask us to take a look.

One problem we run into on a regular basis is the right-click image. These are photos usually copied from a something like a facebook page or other website with a right-click of the mouse. These images are almost always very small image files that might look good online but not so good when printed on paper.