Plaque Mounting

Plaque mounting, sometimes known as block mounting, is a process whereby the image is covered with a UV protective laminate and mounted onto a piece of wood. The beveled edge can be painted in a variety of colours, including some more textured looks.

This process is permanent, and so it is not recommended for original or limited edition artworks.

planque mounting

planque mounting

Plaque mounting is most commonly used for:

  • Posters
  • Photos
  • Prints
  • Maps
  • Flyers

Advantages of Plaque Mounts

Plaque mounts have some advantages and unique aspects to offer that make them a unique method of presenting your prints.

Due to the UV-protective laminate, the image will not fade over time by whitening. The plaque mount will practically last a lifetime.

You can also choose between a variety of paintings and patterns for the beveled edges and even change/overpaint them over time to try out new styles. The options for combinations and looks of the different edges are completely up to you.

As there is no usage of glass in this product, it makes a good choice for children’s rooms or highly frequented, narrow areas, such as corridors, where you usually would not place fragile items.

If you want an alternative and inventive way of displaying your posters or images, plaque mounting is a great alternative for doing so.

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