Picture Framing in the Time of COVID-19

Framagraphic Picture Framing is open for business again. These days we are operating from 10 to 5, Tuesday to Saturdays.

Things are very busy around here. Given that no one’s allowed to travel, it seems the thing to do these days is home reno, home décor and re-decorating.

However, we are not operating in a business as usual manner. All of our suppliers are understaffed at the moment. And our suppliers’ suppliers are also under-staffed. So things are taking longer than usual. Sometimes much longer.

Our supply lines stretch all the way to Italy, China, Indonesia, the US, and elsewhere. Many of these places were hit hard by the coronavirus and some are still reeling from the effects of shutdowns and shortages. And God only knows when the US will be in good shape again.

When we do get deliveries from our suppliers they are not as frequent as in ‘the before time.’ Some of our suppliers used to deliver to us 3 times a week. Now we get a delivery once a week. Maybe twice.

Custom picture framing shop Vancouver BC

Patience is the key

I am writing this now to ask our clients for patience.  We still have people coming in and asking for RUSH jobs and fixed deadlines. “I need it by Monday.” “I need it for a birthday on Saturday.” “I need to arrange for someone to hang my art.” We cannot guarantee anything these days, folks.

If we are out of stock of a frame that comes from Italy, for example, that means our local Vancouver supplier is out of stock. Their head office may be in a place like Edmonton or Toronto – who may also be out of stock. That means there is a shipment out there somewhere between Italy and Toronto or Italy and Edmonton or Italy and God-knows-where. Or perhaps the manufacturer in Italy is also out of stock, short-staffed, or shut down completely. Who knows?

There are many reasons for delays these days. We have some orders here that we took in back when we re-opened in May. We still have not received the frames for these orders. The reasons are listed above.

Please, contact us or visit Picture Framing FAQ if you any other further questions or concerns.

Nothing is happening quickly these days.

Please be patient and remember to be kind.


Gerry Giroux

Framagraphic Picture Framing