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Custom Mirror for Sir Paul McCartney's concert Nov.25th

Custom Mirror for Sir Paul McCartney’s concert Nov.25th


Custom mirrors can be made ordered and framed with any style of moulding we carry. We are able to order the mirror at any custom size. Mirrors are also available with or without a bevelled edge.Custom mirrors are often done both on a homeowner’s basis, as well as larger orders for our interior designer clients – such as VictorEric Design Group.

Mirrors can be oriented in any direction, horizontally, vertically, diamond etc. We are able to provide more than one hanging wire, if you would like the option of re-orienting the mirror in the future. For all of our framing, including mirror work, installation service is available. We would be happy to discuss with you the options for mounting and hanging which will work for your space.







This particular job for VictorEric Design Group required two mirrors – roughly 8-feet long by 4-1/2-feet high – with a Larson-Juhl frame around them. For installation, the mirrors had to have circular holes cut to accommodate the light fixtures.