Hello, Wallflower

Framagraphic now has three little wallflowers.

When you pair a French Horticulturalist and a Communications Graduate, you get By Nature. A new, Vancouver-based business that specializes in bringing a green touch to your home.



They offer living frames. They have framed planters that support living and growing plants. How can a wall fixture support life? The frames have an innovative watering system built into the back of the frame. Water is filled in through a spout at the bottom, and a woven fabric with a wick structure pulls the water from the bottom of the frame up to the roots of the plant. The system allows the plants to survive with as little as 2 – 3 waterings per month. When the water level gets too low, a lever on the side will flick out, letting you know you have to refill.

A smart little ecosystem, that lets these little wallflowers get noticed.

For more information: http://www.bynaturedesign.ca/