How many ways can we print your digital images?

Digital Image Printing

There are a number of ways that photographs can be printed from a digital source. Depending on which material you decide to print on, your photographs can take on a different light. When printed on canvas, the photo tends to look more painterly, which is often good for portraits or colourful landscapes. When printed on a metal (such as aluminum), the photo will appear to be more reflective and shiny, ideal for reflective subject matter like water or architectural forms.


 How many ways can we print your digital images

Here is a brief summary of some of the different printing processes Framagraphic can help you with:


Face mounting is a process where the image is adhered to acrylic. Unlike traditionally framed prints, the wooden slats on the back create a space between the wall and the print. This makes it appear as if it were floating. The acrylic sharpens the image with a sleek and glossy finish.

Approximate printing price for a 16×20 piece: $110 / Request a Quote!


Plaque mounting is an inexpensive yet extremely durable way to protect and hang your images. The print is dry-mounted onto a sturdy, custom piece of high density pressed wood, and then permanently sealed with a clear vinyl matte UV-blocking laminate. The edges of the plaque are beveled and coloured, allowing you to complement or highlight the colours in your print. A slot in the back allows for easy hanging on the wall.

Approximate printing price for a 16×20 piece: Lite mount ($37), Float mount ($55), Lux mount ($61) / Request a Quote!


Framed photographs are always a beautiful way to showcase and protect your images. The wide selection of colour, style, and size available for moulding and mats means you can truly customize the presentation of your image.

Approximate printing price for 8×12 photo on satin paper ($18), 16×20 ready made black matte frame with glass and matte ($49) / Request a Quote!


With aluminum printing, the image is infused into the surface, rather than being laid above or below it. Because of this, the reflective light properties of the metal will add a certain dimension to the colours in your image. The details and resolution are sharpened, making your image crisper, brighter, and more vivid.

Approximate printing price for this size: $79 / Request a Quote!


In giclee printing, there is no visible dot screen pattern. The image has all the tonalities and hues of the original painting. Giclee (pronounced gee’clay) is a French term meaning to spray or to squirt. These printers are not the same as a standard desktop inkjet printer. They use special light-fast  inks, which if kept out of the sun, will stay true for up to 25 years.

Approximate printing price for 16×20: $110 / Request a Quote!