Shadow Box Framing: Leica Camera

Object Framing Leica CameraA few weekends ago, a large and bubbly family came into the store with a vintage Leica camera- one of their late grandfather’s favourite possessions.  They had spent some time scouring their own belongings and were able to find a photograph of their Grandfather holding the Leica, along with the well-used camera strap. They wanted to put together a frame for these mementos as a gift for their Mother’s birthday. For her, this man was Dad.

The challenge was that the camera itself was much deeper than most of the frames. To build something that deep, we would have to layer a number of frames on top of one another – stacking them to make them deeper. Luckily, Larson-Juhl has a moulding that is designed specifically for stacking. It is essentially a three-part frame that ends up being approximately 5 inches deep. The frame had a curved profile, giving it a soft vintage feel which happened to be perfect for this project. Fabric matting was used to line the inside of the shadow-box, with openings for the photograph and the plaque we had made for the family.

Securing the camera in place was a challenge Keith took on with enthusiasm. The flush mount and the viewfinder made the camera a bit top-heavy, and it had a danger of tipping over if the camera was only silicone to the bottom of the frame. With a bit of wire and a small anchor, he found a way to tie the flash mount to the matboard.

The finished frame is perfect for either mounting onto the wall or resting atop a mantel or shelf.