Over 35 years of Framing Experience

It’s not about the frame. It’s not even about art. It’s about that rush -that rush you get when you glance over at a piece of art in your home and you feel that little flood of satisfaction -that rush of pride, of inspiration. That’s what we do at Framagraphic. We’re in the business of adding that little rush into people’s lives.

When you hang a piece of art on the wall in your home you’re not just decorating – for years to come, that art will provide you with that feeling of joy. Sometimes it’s a memory – a recollection of a time and a place from a photograph – a landscape painting that takes you back – a smile in a portrait that gives you a sense of connection and pride. Sometimes it’s a simple rush of joy when the artist has done something that just works for you -the colours, the shapes, the lines. They nailed it and you feel that connection. You get it.

Framagraphic Picture Framing and Print Gallery has been facilitating that rush for 35 years now – at the same location on West Broadway in Vancouver, since opening our doors in September 1976. We have a great staff of talented and experienced picture framing professionals who know how to get the most out of your art. Whether you bring in your own art or choose something from our selection, you can always be certain we’ll frame it upright to suit your budget and decor.

And speaking of choosing something from our selection, right now we’re featuring original acrylic on canvas paintings by Quebec artist Marie-Claude Boucher and Ontario artist Bob Arrigo. Stop in and see what the buzz is all about. Maybe you’ll feel that rush and take one home.