Photographer’s Special

We would like to invite photographers to the store for a special on a 16×20 frame, with black moulding and a white mat. Bring in your unframed pictures, and we will cut the mat to size.  The special will be valid for a limited time. Learn more.

Framagraphic 36th Anniversary- September, 2012

Thirty-six years at the same location on Broadway at Spruce. Owner Gerry Giroux is having an exhibition of his photographs. Works include big bright photos of BC and Taiwan printed on canvas and aluminum, mounted on plexiglass or framed the old-fashioned way. Were not able to attend? Have a sneak peek here.

Buy Custom Mirrors

We often get people calling us to ask if we do custom mirrors. The simple answer is yes, we do. We make custom mirrors for our interior designer clients and regular retail clients, too. You can choose almost any frame sample we have in the shop –or something from any of our catalogues- and we can make it into a custom mirror. Read more about our custom mirror framing services and give us a call.

Socialist Realism is Alive and Well in North Korea

One of the best things about working in a custom framing shop is seeing the wide variety of artwork out there in the world. For example, one of our clients, lawyer Trevor Todd, travelled to North Korea with First Steps -a charity group dedicated to feeding that country’s malnourished children and its nursing and pregnant mothers. He brought in a couple of oil paintings on canvas for us to stretch and frame, have a look here.

Artist Mark Berens

Framagraphic’s art gallery is proud to feature two new works by artist Mark Berens. Here is a sneak peek of the rich oil paintings that are the latest additions to our collection of original art.

Marie-Claude Boucher

Marie-Claude Boucher is one of our most talked-about original artists at Framagraphic. As soon as we hung one of her paintings in the window, people started coming in to ask about her. “Who did that?” “Where did these come from?” “Are these for real?” Learn more about her work here.

Roma Picture Frames

If you really want something outstanding, something special, then come in to Framagraphic picture frame store in Vancouver and see what real Italian quality and style looks like. Your home is worth the price –and so are your memories. Book an appointment to check our Roma frames.

Groupon: Take Two

We’re at it again. We liked Groupon we’re back for a second round. Now is the time to frame that art you’ve had stashed under the bed since you moved in, or get a mirror to brighten up that dark hallway. $45. gets you $100-worth of framing, or a pre-built mirror.

Over 35 years of Framing Experience

It’s not about the frame. It’s not even about art. It’s about that rush -that rush you get when you glance over at a piece of art in your home and you feel that little flood of satisfaction -that rush of pride, of inspiration. That’s what we do at Framagraphic. We’re in the business of adding that little rush into people’s lives with our custom framing services.