Needlework Framing

Needlework is a labour-intensive and extremely skillful craft. It takes a meticulously patient and careful artist to work with this medium, but those who do find it extremely rewarding. Whether stitched on mesh, or on cloth, from fine petit-point to cross-stitch, our framers are able to tackle even the most complicated pieces.

Gift Certificates

Framagraphic is pleased to offer gift certificates for the holiday season. Any amount can be put towards a gift certificate,  which is valid for either custom framing, decor pieces, or artwork. Gift certificates do not expire.

Holiday Craft: Picture Ornaments

Do you have family photos, while dearly loved, hidden in envelopes, or tucked away in drawers? Why not bring them to Framagraphic, we can custom frame them for you. This holiday season, we can create a picture ornament for you. Learn how.

Sustainable Moulding

Framagraphic introduces you to Roma Moulding – a leading manufacturer of premium Italian moulding who rather than exploitative business practices that capitalize on the environment’s resources without consideration for sustainability, Roma only makes moulding using woods from active reforestation projects.

A Pop-Up Exhibition with Local Artists

We are pleased to announce we will be hosting three local artists at the Framagraphic Gallery from November 15 – December 15. The work will include photography, landscape painting, and figurative painting.
Stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter for more information regarding our up-coming exhibition!

Hello, Wallflower

When you pair a French Horticulturalist & a communications graduate, you get By Nature, a Vancouver-based business that specializes in living frames. Learn more about this smart ecosystem that bring a little green to your house.

Framing Family Heirlooms

Here is the story of a couple who brought in this old confirmation dress along with some small photographs they wished to have framed. As Framagraphic, we helped them pick the style and colours for the frame and matting to make this heirloom become the focus of attention. Besides that, this custom framing process required conservation techniques.

Small Business Saturday!

Framagraphic celebrates small businesses in Canada! Join us and get 15% off custom frames order. Call us today for more information.

Challenging Framing: Fighter Pilot Jacket

At Framagraphic, we don’t only frame pictures, we specialized in custom frames. Our latest challenge has been a leather and sheepskin fighter pilot’s jacket, worn by an individual who was shot down three times in WWII, and survived. Far heavier than the usual jersey or t-shirt, his jacket required some extra care and specialized techniques.