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Roma Moulding

Roma Moulding

Canadian company, Roma Moulding, is a leading manufacturer of premium quality Italian moulding.  Inspired by his Italian heritage, Founder John Gareri, sought out Italy’s master artisans whose skilled handiwork and careful attention to detail would bring his design visions to life. Roma finely crafts all of their mouldings at one of their ten Italian production facilities.

And while Roma’s designs and aesthetics are entirely unique, one of their greatest achievements lies in their unique approach to practicing business. Working in a realm where natural substances form the basic material for their products, care for the environment is, perhaps, more noticeably an issue.

Rather than exploitative business practices that capitalize on the environment’s resources without consideration for sustainability, Roma only makes moulding using woods from active reforestation projects. Reclaimed wood is used rarely, and on the occasion that it adheres to strict guidelines.

Glittering golds and slick lacquered blacks, some of Roma’s most coveted styles receive layer upon layer of hand-laid paint. In-line with their sustainable practices, the gesso and paint used to adorn the moulding is made from non-toxic substances. Toxicity is not often something that immediately comes to mind when discussing picture-framing, however on large scales, these issues do become problematic.  Roma takes seriously its responsibility to limit its environmental footprint. A business model, we should all follow. You can find Roma Mouldings at our store. Book a consultation with us for more information!